In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Dog Named Bob.”

There is a dog named Bob who had a best friend named Jack. Jack was an odd bird since he loved to dance on plates and his favorite food is syrup that you put over pancakes. Bob would lie on the ground and watches as Jack would put on shows for him by dancing and singing his special blue jay song.
One day, Sam saw him doing his special appearance for Jack and started to plot way to get the bird to do his special thing for an audience of more than one. Sam dreamed of the big lights, cameras, and audiences. Sam dreamed of being a big star agent and knew he had to get the bird to ink his name on the line of the contract that Sam left in his mailbox.

There is a silly little story above and just wanted to know if anyone could tell the special words that I had to put in to do this blog?

The words were mailbox, blue jay, plate, syrup, ink, and a dog named Bob. How did I do? Was my little story the one that made you chuckle? Was it funny to read? I loved the challenge of using unrelated words to make a silly story for my readers. Let me know what you think!