In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Baggage Check.”

Decision that I have made in the past is sometimes forgetting in the past where they should be. I have to admit that I have made stupid mistakes and learned to regret them later on. Being led by the emotions is something that I don’t really recommend, but when someone takes the time to think things through is usually the better way to go.
I have not had what some people considered an easy life and I have done my share of wishful thinking. Wishful thinking on my part is what I think would make my life considerable an easy one. Wishful thinking usually doesn’t come true for me.
As a youth, I thought of thinks that I would like to remember my parents by and I wanted to have their house as a reminder. I don’t have anyone would consider a good report to borrowing money. Things have been shut off on me and I even had a car taking back when I couldn’t keep up the payments.
What has this taught me as I get older? To make sure that bills are paid, so that no unexpectant surprises come my way and this has taught me to save the money I do get to pay for another month toward a bill or keep it for an emergency. I have a better feeling that no unexpected surprises will be coming my way and those feelings usually are calmness, peace, and joy.
God has been trying to teach me that I should hand all my problems and worries over to Him. We both have a part in getting stuff taking care of and we both need to do our part. God is to take care of us, listen to our prayers of help, support, and love. My part is to get out of bed each day, so that I can earn the money to pay for the bills that come my way. I know that God loves me and that I love God with my whole heart.
Past experiences is what makes us stronger for the future and it doesn’t hurt that God is there walking hand in hand through the rough times as well as the good times.