In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Do Not Disturb.”

I love to go on Facebook to play the games and to read some of the posting that are on my page. Did you catch the word “some” because some of the posting are mostly pure drama city. Drama is when someone is complaining about a situation that has developed in their life and complaining usually makes them feel better about having to go through that period in their life.
I will never get used to the posting about animal cruelty and the stupid, mean things that people actually do animals that at one time they have told the animals that they love them. How can someone love someone then turn around and abuse them?

I have got used to a lot of things that have at one time seemed unbelievable. I don’t like the language that is sometimes used on this website since my nine year old grandson goes on my page to play games. Maybe I am too old fashioned and a concerned grandmother that doesn’t want those things to become part of my grandson’s life.

I (like most people) do their share of complaining about things that we honestly can’t change and we complain about things that we can change. God is always trying to pound into my head that complaining about a situation is a total waste of time. If complaining is a waste of time, why do it?

Drama City is a small place in our mind that is very small, but wants to make itself into something that is bigger. This place tries to fool people on exactly how big (or small) it really is and how much the person values this place. Do we all know of our small Drama City that only exists in the far reaches of our mind?