In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Nightmares.”

I am the type that can’t remember her dreams even when they are flashing through my mind at a fast pace. Such a fast pace that I honestly can’t remember what I dreamed about as I walk to the bathroom in the morning.
The one nightmare that I can remember is having snakes and spiders that were climbing up the wall. Yuck, I might have had an uncle that had a farm, but I still hate snakes and spiders. They give me the willies just to think of those eight legged creatures. I know that God made them for a reason, but I am not sure on what that reason is.

Spiders and snakes were everywhere, climbing on walls, my beds, and mostly on me. I could feel the slimy skin of the snake and the pointed legs of the spider poking through my pant legs. I felt like screaming, but when I opened my mouth to scream, nothing but empty air came rushing out.

The brown spiders’ beaded little eyes looking everything over and their little breath coming out of their mouth to touch my skin at certain spot just made my skin crawl. At the very thought of them climbing up my pant leg with first one leg going upward and then the next is something I never want to think of.

My nightmare ended with spiders coming from and landing into my hair, onto my arms, hands, and face. Screaming is something that wouldn’t come very easy when the spirit of fear is taking over my body. Fear was running wild through my veins in my body as panic overtook the very thought of a sane thought.