In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Smell You Later.”

There are two odors that remind me of the past memories that I love to relive time to time. Those smells are pine from of course a pine tree and freshly popcorn that is ready to string on the pine tree.
I remember walking into my mother’s living room and seeing a Christmas tree that was taller by twice that I was. My mother had high ceilings and she always got a tree that was over seven foot. I remember watching my brother trying to wrestle that tree in place. I never knew who was winning, the tree was putting up a good fight, but somehow my brother always got that tree in place.

I loved sitting by those trees in a darkened living room watching the Christmas lights blinking off and on. The reds, blues, and green would seem to be sending out a message of their very own.

My mother would always wrap two strings of popcorn around the tree and say that was her memory from her past. She would tell us stories about our grandparents and how they would celebrate Christmas. I love to watch the lights blinking off and on as I imagined another generation sitting around their Christmas tree. I would close my eyes and pretend that I could hear the other generation celebrating Christmas in their fashion.