In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Happily Ever After.”

Happily ever after, are you sure that even works anymore? I read the news to hear that my friends divorced after forty years of marriage and their children were grown up. I couldn’t believe it since every time I saw this couple they were laughing and having a good time. , So I thought?
My husband and I got married in 1975. My daydreams were of a marriage that was going to last until we were old. I dreamed about the two of us discovering the world together and eating in a restaurant that we didn’t have to tell the children to behave. Actually, our three children were pretty well behaved in restaurant. Daydreams don’t always work out the way that we think they are going to.
In 1992, diabetics decided to claim his body and the doctors started to tell him the downfalls of having this disease. Blindness, amputees, and diets were some that they mentioned to my dear husband.
As the years went on, my daydreams started to fade and doctor’s appointment started to show up. In the last two years of his life, my husband was in the hospital twenty seven times and lost several parts of his foot. Blindness started to take his sight, so we tried to do things before blindness took his sight forever such as driving around to see how other people did their Christmas lights. Singing song and describing our lights took the place of getting the car out on those nights.
We lost him in 1996 and my friends told me that my smile seem to go with him. I didn’t pray to God that much anymore and I seemed to be a robot without no purpose or reason. I had lost my love of my life, so why should I go on.
Happily Ever After is a state of mind that people are going to have to learn to do with or without. I choose to do with it and started to enjoy my life, my three grown children, and one grandson before it was too late. I turned back to God Almighty to ask for forgiveness and to ask Him to guide me back to the path that He wants me on.
God will never leave us or forsake us. I have devoted every day that I have left to showing God Almighty the love and joy that I have in my heart because of Him.