In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Zone.”

It does take a lot to get me into the zone and if I had to guess it would only be two things that can actually get me to leave reality to enter the zone out world.
The first thing that would get me to zone out is a good book when I actually get involved deeply in the story. I am an avid fan of Dean Kootnz and some of his stories; the reader will almost become the person running from whatever is chasing them. Dean Kootnz is an artist that uses words to make his reader feel like they are hanging on the edge of the building or running from a monster (human being) that is chasing them from floor to floor.
The second thing would be my own writing where I tried to make the reader laugh because laughter is good for the health. Laughter is something that will make the reader read whatever the writer puts out. In my own writing, I have zoned out due to putting myself in the main character’s footsteps and imagined that I have become them.