In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fill In the Blank.”

Three People walked into a bar and ordered a drink. End of story or I could say three people walked into a bar and started a fight. Since I haven’t been in a bar because of my medication with a heart problem this is going to be a hard one to tell, but here goes.
Three people walked into a bar and ordered a drink. They had been on a long trip into space and knew no one else in the bar. They started a private conservation about what to do next and how to get back to Earth.
The bartender hushed them and told them that the world “Earth” was a bad word to say around here. The purple space alien pointed to a green blob sitting in the corner and told them the story on how a human being had stopped here and decided to have a bit to eat. Well, he ordered the greasy thing on the menu.
About half way through the meal is when the problem started because Storky, the green blob came in to discover that his loving wife had decided to play another stupid joke. She had sneaked onto his food and he had eaten about half of her before anyone decided to stop him. Storky had wanted to kill him, but the human being took off running for his life back to his spaceship.
Storky couldn’t keep up with the human being because Storky was a green, slow-moving blob. No one had since said that word because when they did, Storky would get mad and blow up. Green blob mess is, so hard to get off the walls.
Three people walked into the bar and ordered a drink sounds, so ordinary now.