In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Worldly Encounters.”

What book, song, or movie would I recommend for an alien to know about the human race? I wouldn’t be able to recommend a book since the only author that I really like to read is Dean Kootnz which I really don’t know if that would be a good choice to tell an alien what the human race was about. I guess an alien could read a few to see how we as the human race think on our feet and escape from whatever was chasing them.
How about a singer? Well, I would have to bow out of this one since I really don’t listen to singers that much, sorry to say. When I was younger, Charlie Daniels used to be the only one that I would listen to (now, believe me when I say I am dating myself). I used to play his songs on my eight tracks as I would go to work and since I was young, I thought I had to break the noise barrier. Everyone had to hear my music as I came into their town.
Movies? The only ones I watch are either religious which might give them the impression that we are a religious bunch or cartoons with my grandson which was something about meatballs falling from the sky or SpongeBob under the sea. I know, I could show them the ET Movie!
As I look this over, I guess I wouldn’t be the best one to introduce an alien to the human race because I probably would give them the wrong idea on what we are like.