In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Linger.”

When do I want to linger over an event? How about the time when my whole family was still alive and we were celebrating Christmas? That is a big fat “YES”. That is a special memory that I love to think about since my husband, mother, dad, sister, and nephew are all gone. I love to think about the time that my nephew was young and active before all of his health issues.
What other event do I want to linger over? I love when Easter rolls around since my brother and sister-in-law have a family Easter egg hunt. Which all the children love since they are in the middle of the county be themselves. I love to watch the children walking all over the place looking for plastic eggs that hold a special treasure just for them. Knowing that a couple of the girls are now teenage, they have adjusted the treasures for them.
Here is a special time just for the females to treasure deep inside their hearts. How about that special day when your son or daughter is trying to figure how to get out of your tummy, I am not talking about holding the special bundle in your arms. I am talking about that pain that comes right before you want to break your loving husband’s hand in two.
I guess the events that I hold dear in my heart is when my family members were still alive and making the events a more joyful experience. Knowing that there will special occasion ahead of me, I will hold those special in my heart also and can hardly wait for them to happen. Both the past and the future will hold special places in my heart where I can go to daydream about that special day.