In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Placebo Effect.”

What kind of disease would I try to cure? One disease that is nasty and a lot of people have suffered many side effects from is the one I would pick. One of the side effects is the many different types of medicine out in the world that claims they are the best. Believe me, when I say medicine has its place, but the only medicine that should be able to claim that it is the best is God.
I have had to take heart medicine for a long time in my life. At one time, they had me on three different heart pills which they claimed was the best and none of them really handle the problem that I have with my heart. A normal heart beat is in the 90’s; believe me when I say that when my daughter was born they had me in the hospital two days before the blessed events. My medicine was getting pumped straight into the veins to protect unborn baby in my tummy plus the fact that the medicine was going straight to the heart. Now, remember my heart specialist told me that a normal heart beat was in the 90’s and I can remember looking over at the heart monitor was saying my heart was racing at 200 beats a minute.
I was, so tired and weak from the excess strain on my heart. Please remember how times you have heard your doctor say that this medicine was the best for your problem and now, times it by two which is the number that I have heard that statement.
Yes, I would love to come up with a cure for heart problems, but I have to admit that I am not that smart. If I had to pick one disease to cure, I am sorry to say that it would be a cure all for the heart. Heart is where God lives and guides me away from the Devil. The heart is inside the chest and really, never rest because we would be dead. My heart has probably raced its way into the future, way up into my 70’s when in actuality I am only 58.
I would want to cure the pain and stress that heart problems have cause people through the many years in the past. I have seen a healthy 40 year drop from a heart attack and died within an hour of having his first heart attack. I have seen the pain that widow has to deal with as she tells three young children that their father is gone.
The heart has caused a lot of problems and pain in my life. I would have to pick the cure for the heart as the one I would love to solve. I would love it of never have to deal with the pain that seems to be the worse that anyone has ever felt in their life. Yes, my pick would definitely be the heart.