In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “State of Your Year.”

This year has been a year for discovering God and learning how to walk on the path that He wants me to. He is teaching me how to bless other people and how not to get upset when things don’t go my way. He is teaching me to listen to other people’s problems instead of always telling them mine. God is a good and patience teacher especially with me He is.
My health has become a challenge especially since I am creeping my way to the sixty mark which means that I am going down the hill instead of running up the other side. I am seeing more specialist doctor instead of regular doctors and with everything slipping downward; I have to wear braces when I walk around. I have started to think of myself like Michael Jackson that took to wear one white glove on his hands.
I am starting to shrink like the great shrinking woman. I started to tip the height scales at six foot three and now, I am lucky if I touch the mark at five foot ten. Where o where did I go is something that all my friends and family will be asking when I vanish from sight.
This year has been an eye opening year that I learn many things and I have found out that some people are not trust worthy. I have learned that God is there and will always walk hand in hand with me down the path of life. I am proud to be called one of God’s Children and probably have a rough life ahead of me as He teaches me the things that He wants me to learn.
As I shrink out of sight from this world and life that I have come to know plus love. I want to pray for everyone to get to know their Father in Heaven and to be able to walk in His Love. God bless all my readers and I pray this has brought a smile to your lips as you read it.