It’s party time to celebrate my life, my religious, my decision, and just to celebrate the fact that I am being myself. Something that no one else can do that fact cause there is only one me. A fact that I am very happy about and another fact that I am happy about is that God made me this way.
I think I will make it a casual affair because I am not one that likes to get all dressed up for the evening. I am not one that likes to be center of attention and I am not the type that likes to be a complete control freak. Whatever you do and whatever you dress like is another way of expressing yourself. You are the one that has to take responsibility for whatever you do. Choices are just part of growing up and taking charge of one’s life.
The food is going to be my entire favorite which is fried chicken, asparagus, spinach (yes, spinach), mashed potatoes with gravy, and biscuits. I would want to have coleslaw from KFC because that is the only coleslaw that I have found that I like and potato salad like my mother used to make. Pecan pies and chocolate cake are also my favorites.
My birthday is coming up in three months; just maybe I will put on a feast like that for little old me. I wouldn’t tell you how old I am since I don’t want to hear the old jokes about how I learned to drive in the Model T.
It’s party time to get the whole family and my friends together. Maybe, I will have separate parties since I honestly don’t think my family and friends will actually get along too good.