My assignment for today is post the ideal post that would make my reader read it over and over, just wishing to be me.  I could tell them about winning enough money to buy my own house and a brand new car.  I could say that I won the lottery and that was my life time dream to do when I would walk away with enough money.

Or I could tell about my grandmother leaving me enough money to take my friends out for the evening and since I didn’t spend it on myself, God decide to unload some money onto my lap.  I spent the evening telling myself and my friends that I believe God was good.

How about the time I won a contest for a new car and walk away feeling pretty good about myself, I was day dreaming about sitting behind the steering wheel of the new car instead of the old beat up car that I was forced to drive.

I could sit here going on about the good luck that I was having and how God had blessed me since I started to believe in Him.  You see I would have to get to a point where I would have to tell the truth and say that I hadn’t won any money, new car, or a new house.  I was pulling your leg and posting an ideal post, something that I had dreamt about posting.  The only part that is the truth is that I think God is good and when we believe in Him, He will bless us with all the good things that we deserve.