I am woman that is getting older every day just like every other person on this God’s green Earth. I have aches and pains in parts of me that I never knew existed. As I get older, I feel every step that I take on my daily walk through the city that I have claimed as my home for the last thirty some years. I wouldn’t tell you exactly how old I am since women have to have some secrets.
Studying God has taught me that his timing in giving an answer is always perfect. I have prayed that God would take away all my money worries away because slowly, I am falling behind on the monthly bills such as lights, gas, water, and sewer. There are more bills than I have money to pass to them and for some reason; I feel contentment when it comes to worry about getting behind. When I have to talk to the customer service department, I feel like there is someone helping me gets the payment arrangement that I can handle. It gives me sense of contentment and relief that someone is on my side.
God’s timing is perfect because He looks behind the curtain of time to see how things are going to play out in his timeline for our future. God does the things for our good and turns the things that have been dealt to us as trouble and problems from our enemies toward the good. He turns those things into good for our benefit. God loves us with His whole heart and He wants only good things for us. He wants us to live in abundance both in our life and our money.
Every morning before I go out to see the world rushing by and head for work, I say to myself “I am blessed because I am a Child of God.” With my head held up high, I head off to work knowing deep within my soul that nothing bad will happen to me today. If evil does show its ugly head, I know that God is testing me to remember that a silent prayer for help will let Him know that I depend on Him to work everything out in my life. When evil strikes my way, I know that it is from the devil and that God will help me work it out for my good.
God gives us the ability and knowledge to pass whatever test or trails that He brings our way. God will help us pass whatever comes against us and He will be there to help us on the way toward being reward for depend and leaning on God Almighty. He will always be there for us and He will never forsake us. We have to remember that God is only a whispered prayer away from us and He will always listen to the prayers that we push upward to Him. God is there for us and we are there for God.