Positive words spoken over one’s life is something that people put their expectants in and that is something that pleases the Heavenly Father to no ends. Positive words seem to lift one’s mood from being in the dumps to a heavenly joy. Positive words such as “I am blessed, I am loved by God Almighty, I am going to prosper finically, I am attractive, I am well liked.”
I am not talking about going around and speaking positive words out loud where other people can hear you and start to think that you are either crazy or totally full of yourself. I am talking about speaking those types of words out loud in your homes, in your car, and any place that you are alone.
There are several places that the Bible actually tells the reader that God will see whatever is done in secret and they will reward you. For an example: Matthew 6:6 “When you pray, go into your room by yourself. After you have shut the door, pray to your Father who is in secret. Then your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.”
That verse by itself seems to give me confidence to be by myself when I pray to my Heavenly Father to tell Him my problems, worries, and to tell Him my desires of my heart. I will either sit on my bed when I am praying or sit in my favorite chair when no one else is in the house to ask Him for guidance, peace, and joy. I have my Bible in my hands, close my eyes, and say out loud for the empty house to hear “Dearest Heavenly Father, please help me today because I have sinned. I am a mere human which have made plenty of mistakes in my miserable life. I want you to come into my life and guide my footsteps toward the path that you want me to walk on. Guide me to the place that you, my Dearest Heavenly Father want me to be. I need you to help me, dearest Father. Amen and Amen!”
The Bible tells us not to be like the people that stand on the street corner where everyone can see them and pray to their Heavenly Father. In Matthew 6:5 says “When you pray, do not be as those who pretend to be someone they are not. They love to stand and pray in the places of worship or in the streets so people can see them. For sure, I tell you, they have all the pay they are going to get.”
Remember these two things, which the first is that I am NOT telling anyone that they should stop going to church and worship at home in privacy. Church is a good thing because it gets one believer out in the world of believers that go to the church. I am saying “NOT to air your dirty laundry to everyone”. The second thing is that when we are praying to our Heavenly Father about what we want, we should always remember to ask God what we can do for Him.
God wants the relationship between two people just that—between two people. He doesn’t want a third party telling another one how to pray and when to pray. God wants the relationship between two parties which means we pray to God and He answers us in His timing. We have to remember that His timing is perfect, never early or never late. His timing is always prefect. We must put our faith and trust in God Almighty that our problems will be taking care of by Him.