A Christmas gift is a gift that one person gives to another to express friendship or the love of being with someone.  Children give their parents something special for their birthday, anniversary, and the big holiday that is called Christmas.   Parents give to the grandparents if they are still alive and they spoil the ones who are still alive in hopes that they won’t part company when something evil is spoken between the two.  Something that they will know will happen to everyone is the passing on and hoping to see the other person in Heaven.

As a little girl, I wanted a Barbie doll and a Nancy Drew book which probably a lot of little girls of my age wanted at that time period.   Boys wanted trucks and hot wheels plus anything that they could scare or torment their sister with.    Children of that age are not much different from today children in the ways that they express what they want.

Now, there is a large amount of different toys to pick from as boys and girls want things such as Barbie dolls, Skylanders, Transformers, and many other gifts that are way too many to actually list here.  The list could go on, on, and on if you get my idea.

As a little girl, I wanted a Barbie doll and a Nancy Drew book which I still have both of them in my memories box in my closet.  Now, as an adult, I want a new cell phone, slippers, robe, pajamas, and a new comforter for my bed.   These are the things that all women have wanted at one time or another in their life.

What men want for Christmas or their birthdays have baffled the women of their lives for as long as they have been today.  Men want special tools, trucks that they can drive down the street, and clothes that they have pointed out to their wives.  What they get is sometimes completely differently from what they want and they have put this big smile on their face as if to say “Thank you for the present that I will cherished forever.”     Or is their smile saying “Thank you for the present and I know the shelf in the back that is calling out for its presence.”

When we start out as children, we want everything that the stores has to offer as something special for children and as we grow older, we realize the value of money.  We realized how hard money is to come by and we start to think of the things we want, but in smaller qualities.

We all must remember that Christmas is not all about the gifts that we can have other people buy for us.  Christmas is about our special Heavenly Father and showing our love to Him.  As we celebrate this special holiday, we are showing our love to Him and what He means to us.   As we sit down for the meal that was planned, we say our thanks for everything that He has done for us and for everything that He will do for us.   We must remember to say how much we love our Heavenly Father and we must remember to say our thanks to our Heavenly Father for the things that He has done for us.

Christmas is a special holiday on Earth that we celebrate by giving presents to each other.  On this day, we must remember to say “Happy Birthday Jesus!” and to say our thanks for Jesus being in our life.

Christmas presents is to show our love to the people that Jesus has allowed into our life and when we say “Thank you Jesus!” is one way we show our gift of love to Jesus.