The lifestyle of the homeless is not something that I probably could handle at my age of sixty one.  My bones ache from the cold and the cold seems to seep into my joints which cause more aches that I know how to handle.

My niece told me that God gives us what we can handle and by the pain that my body is showing from the arthritis, I would say that I am not able to handle much anymore in my lifetime.  Not to say much about the aches and pains from when the temperature starts to fall, I feel like I am the ripe old age of ninety seven.   My body has weird noise when I walk along the path to my apartment and I wouldn’t even tell you about the noise my poor body makes when I go up the three steps to my door.

I would not be able to walk around town at my age because everyone would know where I am from the noise they would be hearing.  Not to say much about the free meals and the rumors about how they taste, well, needless to say I would be arrested for throwing it back at the servers.  I know the homeless is happy when ever they have food in their belly, but the people cooking the food also has to remember that these homeless people still have their taste buds in full tact.

The cold weather would plunge and I would be the woman you would see huddled into a doorway shivering off her pretty little rump which by the way isn’t that little anymore.   I can still laugh at myself and agree with the people when I hear someone say “The more that I age, the more my body goes downward.”

I have two things to mention about myself and they are that I am the biggest wimp when the snow and cold wind comes our way.   I would shove my way through the lines to be number one by the door and probably shove the person who opened the door for the shelter out of my way.    I am also the biggest complainer that there is and everyone within ten miles of my voice would know what I am complaining about.  I would not be the silent type when it would come to my hardship of being homeless.  Would you be quiet when it would come to living on the streets?

I live in a two bedroom apartment with one bath and I am the first one on the phone when the heat goes out in my apartment.   I think the gas company has my number and name on their caller i.d. because the phone seems to ring and ring when I am calling them.   I pay my bill on time, so I expect prompt response to my problems.  Another word, no waiting for me until the next day and when I call they had better be around the corner to handle my problem.  I love having heat to warm my body and lights to see by which is another reason that I wouldn’t be the person to live the homeless lifestyle.  Would you be able to handle living on the streets in the cold weather?  Would you be able to handle living on the streets in the warm weather?