I was homeless after a house fire when I was younger and I thanked God every time that I had a roof over my head for the night.  I was very, very, very thankful when we finally got an apartment to stay in and after being homeless, you can’t believe the feeling that this apartment was for my family.  Some where to put our heads at night and somewhere to get out of the cold was the most thankful part of it.  I was scared that I would be outside in the cold and snow trying to stay warm during the night.

I put my Heavenly Father, God in control of my life at this point in my life because I had made such a terrible mess of my life.   We finally had a roof over our heads, but I knew that the roof actually belonged to someone else called our landlord.  Still I was very happy that the roof was there when the wind picked up, the rain came down in buckets, and the snow hit the house with a great force.

Being homeless is not a great pleasure as everyone thinks because you have to worry about the weather being thrown at the homeless.  The days that I liked the most were the nice sunny days with a gentle breeze, but when the temperature started to go about nineties was not a pleasant experience.  I sweat where I shouldn’t have sweat rolling across my body.

Another type of weather that the homeless doesn’t like is the cold and snow which in this state can actually be considered terrible.  The cold bores into your bones until it is like the cold grabs hold and not thinking about letting go.  The cold seeps into your body and a person starts to ache in places where you felt strong before.

I am the wimpy type that loves to sit in front of a roaring fireplace with a blanket over my legs sipping at hot chocolate with chocolate chip cookies to eat alongside the hot chocolate.  I am the type that starts to cough once they go from a warm house to a cold car and as the days roll on in my life, I know that I wouldn’t be able to be homeless at my age.

Going from the homeless shelter in the morning to get a free meal from a church then finding somewhere warm to stay like a library or a store if they permit the homeless to be in their buildings.   That is one lifestyle that wouldn’t be suited for this old lady who loves hot showers, heat during the cold weather, and central air during the hot months.  I have a car that I drive everywhere especially to the grocery store that is only a couple of blocks away since my legs aren’t as strong as they used to be.

I am the woman who sits in front of the window thanking God that she isn’t outside in the cold weather and I pray to God for his help for the homeless, jobless, and the hungry people who are suffering.  I pray to God that he would take care of all the children that are homeless at this time of the year and to give them a safe, warm place to stay when the weather is turning cold.  I even say a thank you for the people of my electric company who helps to keep the lights on and for the gas company that helps to keep my heat on in the cold weather.

I would like to challenge everyone that reads this to say a silent pray for everyone that is out in this cold weather and to say a silent prayer for everyone to enjoy the holidays that are fast approaching.  I would like to challenge everyone to share their blesses this year with the people who need the help.

Happy Holidays!!