Christianity is the study of God and Jesus Christ, something that is very special to me.  I have started to study Jesus Christ this year and I am amazed at how Jesus Christ treated the people of this old Earth.

They were mean to him and tried to anger him by saying that he didn’t belong.  Some of the men were always asking questions to see if they could trip him up.    They wanted to throw Jesus into prison and say that he wasn’t following the laws of the Kingdoms that were on Earth.  The men that were alive in the time of Jesus Christ had their own humans as King and the ones that followed the human laws wanted to put Jesus into prison for either his lifetime or to kill him on the cross.

God was patience with the men and tried to teach them a better way of life.  Jesus always gave them their own free choice when it came down to making a decision on how their life was going to be lived.

Whether a person follows Jesus Christ or something else is the choice of that person.   Jesus will present his case and give little hints on what their life could be like.     In the end, the final decision is the person who is living that life and Jesus Christ will always give the person more than one chance to live a life that is pleasing to God.


When we choose to follow God, we will be enrolled in the School of Life which means that God will put us through test and trials to see what we need to learn.  We choose to follow God; we must do that with our whole heart and devote our complete life to God.  We must turn our life over to God and put him in charge of our life. 


He will make our crook path straight and will guide our footsteps along the narrow path of life.   We can take the wide path to death and decide not to follow God.  We also choose to take the responsibility for our lives which seems to be always stressful and full of trouble.  Feelings will come through our bodies such as jealous and angry because we will see our friends have more good luck than we will.   We will feel stabs of pain as it seems our health is going downward and we will feel the lack of money as our finances hit rock bottom.


I am not saying that everything will be bad one day and good the next.  What I am saying is that when a person chooses to follow God, they are put through test to see what they can learn as they go through life.   Life lessons are learned at work, home, groceries stores, department stores, and repair shops.   They are the best place to learn life lessons instead of ending up in prison learning the hard way.


As a person’s life process onward, God will start to reward them with little blessings and  one thing they must remember is that when God bless us with something.  We must turn around and bless someone us.  God’s blessings flow through us to someone else.   That is what makes God the happiest with us.