I am a Christian woman that in the last two years have prayed to God for help in mostly everything.  From the food that He helps put on our plates and the sock that I wear on my feet.  I pray to God for everything and I pray to God my thanks for the things that He does bring me.   I say a big thank you dearest God to the peaceful lifestyle that He has given to me.  I love the quietness of my day, so that I can take the pen in my hand to write these special lines that I feel coming out of my soul.  Words that bring His loving light to the darkness that reaches out of this printed website on the Internet.


What do I want?

I want to bless people with a smile on my face, love in my heart, and hearing in my ears that will listen to the problems of my family and friends.   I want the resources to help with the problems that these special people have.  I want my friends and family member to know that God lives inside of us.  He wants to make our crook path straight as He guides our footsteps down His narrow path to life.  I want my friends and family members to know that God will always be there and will never leave us or forsake us.  God is there to walk hand in hand throughout the good times of our lives as well as the bad times we will experience in our lives.  Is that too much to want?


What is my impression of life?

I have come to this conclusion about life. One reason about life that I believe with my whole heart is that life is very hard to deal with.  Problems and worries can cause stress if they are not immediately file away in the proper place.

God teaches us throughout our life with problems, worries, and cares.  In the Bible (God’s Word), it tells us to cast our cares and worries onto God.  I did one better than that,   I heaped one complete total waste of a life directly onto God’s lap and  told Him that He was in control of my life now.  He had to handle my life better than I did because I was the one that made it a total waste by doing nothing with my life.  We must become depended on God for everything.


Why is God in control of my life?

Because without God, we are nothing.  We must invite God into our life and tell Him that He is now in charge of our life.  We should tell Him to guide our footsteps on the narrow path of life.

I put God in control of my life because I did absolutely nothing with my life when I was in charge of it.  I worked at a dead end jobs that I hated and wished to be anywhere else.  I worked at the same source of employment for almost ten long years.  I worked any shift that they asked and in any department that they asked me to work. 

What did it get me to wish instead of pray for a better job and a raise?   It got me absolutely no where.   I ended up being miserable and probably making the people around me miserable.   I complained when I didn’t receive any kind of raise.  When, I finally quit after ten long years, I was still making the same hourly wages as a new employee did.

What should I have done?  I should have prayed to God for help and guides with this problem.  Instead, I tried to impress my boss with hard work and it got me nowhere.  If I would have prayed to God and did the hard work, I would have got farther.  We should remember that without God, we are nothing!